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Autism in Northern Ireland: A long way from acceptance (but hope is on the horizon)

I live in rural Northern Ireland, at the foot of the Sperrin Mountains, not far from the waters of Lough Neagh and an hour and a half drive from arguably the most beautiful place on earth, White Park Bay on the North Coast. My focus in this article will be on Northern Ireland, as that is where I was born and brought up. But this piece will inevitably relate to both countries on this island. I am a late-diagnosed autistic female and mother of two neurodivergent children…

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“My Jewish-Hebrew Name is Emunah, and I Am Autistic.”

My Hebrew name is Emunah. Emunah is most often translated as “faith,” but when it first appears in the Torah, Genesis 15:6 the verse says והאמך ביהוה which translates to “and he put his trust in Adonai.” Emunah also shares the root of the word “Amen” which means, to put trust into something.

My Jewish-Hebrew name is Emunah, and I am autistic.

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