For Books...

As an emerging boutique company, Neurodiversity Press will only be publishing roughly one new book per year, and our schedule for book releases is full until 2023. That’s not great news for writers in the short term, but we have to make sure we’re publishing our books as well as we intend before becoming a multiple title per year company.

That said, we will read any 1-page submission that is sent to us. Please make sure that this document gives (a) a brief outline of your book, (b) a short bio of yourself, (c) a sentence or two about why you think the book is important for people to read, and (d) links to what you feel are your best published writing credits.

For Blog entries…

Your chances of being published by Neurodiversity Press are much better when submitting for our blog. When submitting for Neurodivesity Press’s blog page, please submit your entire written article (400-2000 words) along with your 3-4 sentence (max) bio, in doc, docx, or text format. Please link all references within the text yourself. We pay $50 for every published blog entry.

For both Book AND Blog entries…

We welcome intersectional approaches to neurodiversity, especially having to do with the anxieties caused by economic inequalities. And we especially welcome submissions rooted in mental health conditions that are still heavily stigmatized.

Our rejection notices are polite, and supportive. That said, they are admittedly form letters, and therefore impersonal. And while authors are welcome to submit for multiple projects, please note that the rejection letters (for each project) are final. As an emerging company without full-time staff we apologize, but we can’t be your pro bono writing tutor, confidante, nor life coach.

All authors who are approved must submit two different, high-resolution photos in jpg, jpeg, tiff, png, or pict format (one of which will be turned into a B&W silhouette) within two weeks of approval.

All approved authors will automatically be put onto our elists (though of course they can unsubscribe later).

All submissions should be sent to