The Book of Happy, Positive, and Confident Sex for Adults on the Autism Spectrum and Beyond!

From the world-renowned autistic speaker and author, Michael John Carley, comes a guide to sexual activity for individuals on the autism spectrum that is not a leap, but a quantum leap from similar books of the past. For anyone who feels anxious or negative about the subject, Carley has once again made sex not only fun, but also inclusive. His book is a how-to guide, a primer on relationship structures, a porn clarifier, a masturbation celebrator, and above all, a permission granter to (if not a demander of) pleasure itself. His writing is passionately critical of the fear-based teachings of the past, crisp, and at times, ingeniously funny. The brilliant Ha!’s 70-plus, explicit illustrations solidify the joyful nature of this book by depicting people of all sizes, colors, ages, and especially, orientations. For all neurodivergent people who are seeking happy sex lives, THE book has arrived!