Let’s Talk About Sex

When I think of the sex talk with my mother at age ten, what I remember most is that she seemed to be embarrassed, and I felt ashamed for putting her in that position. She may have felt ambushed as my best friend and I laid down the gauntlet as directly as an innocent child can: “Mom, what’s sex?”

Recently I asked her about the talk, and she said “I felt a responsibility to respond to you, but I wasn’t prepared for the conversation.”

“The Book of Happy, Positive, and Confident Sex for Adults on the Autism Spectrum…and Beyond!” is a primer for personal growth (no pun intended). It is at times hilarious, others poignant, always informative and entertaining. I wish it were an animated series. (Note to self: revisit this.) Michael John Carley’s book is the inspiration for the Neurodiversity Press, and we are honored to offer it as our first publication.

Although I am not on the autism spectrum, I have a deep affinity for this community and consider myself an ally. Over the years I’ve developed a keen sense of my relative overvalue, which is a foundational necessity when relating to anyone more marginalized than you…but especially when relating to those on the autism spectrum, like Michael John. Check your ego at the door, friends. This is not about you, it’s about your connection and your relationship. Individuals have a right not to, at best, have information withheld, if not to be lied to about sex. And parents deserve to have every resource available to support their parenting journey. This book serves a valuable purpose for all concerned: to take the stigma, fear, and shame away from sex.

As American culture begins to direct its eyes toward real change in diversity, equity, and inclusion, the need for the Neurodiversity Press is evident. We need ALL kinds of voices to be heard, and need not fear the entire neurodiverse community’s unique perspectives. Indeed, highlighting this population’s experience will make the world a better place.

I invite anyone to take the small five minutes it will take you to read Neurodiversity Press’s Mission and History. And I am so thrilled to start my journey as its publisher with Michael John as our inaugural author. Welcome.




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  1. Check your ego at the door” is going to be difficult advice for a lot of spectrumites to follow. Often our ego i s all we have. Often we don’t know how to have relationships with other humans, or try, and miserably fail over and over again.

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